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  • North East - Accident Repair Centres
  • North East - Accident Repair Centres
  • North East - Accident Repair Centres
  • North East - Accident Repair Centres
  • North East - Accident Repair Centres
  • North East - Accident Repair Centres
  • North East - Accident Repair Centres
  • North East - Accident Repair Centres
  • North East - Accident Repair Centres

Frequently asked questions

Most of the questions we are asked by customers can be found here, but if you require any further information about the repair of your vehicle at North East Accident Repair Centres, or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email. The details for all our locations can be found on the Contact page.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?
When your car has arrived at the designated North East Accident Repair Centres' site and its repair cost has been estimated (this normally takes place within 24 hours), you will receive a call from one of our estimators or customer service personnel. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and advise the estimated completion date of your vehicle's repair.

Are there likely to be any delays?
We take great care to minimise the inconvenience that inevitably results from a vehicle accident and vital to this is ensuring we meet our expected completion date wherever possible. There are occasions where factors beyond our control result in a delays and some likely examples follow. On some occasions manufacturer's parts may not be available straight away and may need to be specially ordered, or in some cases go on back order. We will endeavour to communicate any parts delays too you, however we are limited by the information we get from vehicle manufacturers.

Delays may also result from awaiting authorisation from your insurers or if they want to physically inspect your vehicle.

Today's motor vehicles feature highly complex and advanced electronic systems and in some circumstances your vehicle may require a visit to a main dealer in order to reset any systems or warning lights with highly specialised equipment which is unavailable to North East Accident Repair Centres. Occasionally during the repair of your vehicle additional parts may be required which may result in additional time for them to be identified and obtained. The final stage of every vehicle repair undertaken by North East Accident Repair Centres is cleaning and a comprehensive Quality Control Inspection. It is only after the Quality Control Inspection has been completed that we are able to arrange the return of your vehicle.

What guarantees do I receive?
We guarantee your car is reinstated back to the original manufacturer's specifications. All new parts used in the repair have the respective manufacturer's guarantees.

What and when do I need to pay?
On completion of repairs we require payment in full, either before we return your vehicle or at the point of return. In most cases this will be your excess and/or any additional agreed repairs.

If you are a business or are VAT registered you will be required to pay the cost of the VAT on the whole repairs. We will provide you with a VAT invoice that will enable you to claim back the VAT on your next VAT return.

We do not accept cheques and payment can only be made with cash or credit/debit cards.

What areas of my vehicle will be repaired?
On receipt of your claim from your insurers they will advise us of the area(s) of the vehicle that are authorised to be repaired.

We are only authorised to repair the area(s) of your car specified by your insurance company. Once your vehicle is on-site, one of our staff will check your vehicle in and identify the areas requiring repair. We will then submit the repair estimate electronically to your insurer but if there are any areas of damage which have not been highlighted in your original claim, your insurers may then require a physical inspection of your vehicle. This may lead to delays in your repairs.

Arranging collection and delivery?
If required, our reception staff will organise collection and delivery of your vehicle within normal working hours. We will endeavour to specify an a.m. or p.m. collection and you will receive a telephone call prior to our departure. The return of your repaired vehicle will take place only after is has passed our comprehensive Quality Control Inspection. Once this has taken place you will be contacted to arrange a convenient date and time for either its collection or delivery.

Our drivers are scheduled and monitored to ensure punctual arrival for vehicle collection but they are subject to the normal delays resulting from road and weather conditions.

How do I obtain a courtesy car?
Courtesy cars are provided free of charge by North East Accident Repair Centres and are for the duration of your vehicle repair and can be arranged when booking your vehicle in. If your vehicle is a total loss (insurance write-off) courtesy cars are not supplied.

Please note that you are completely responsible for the North East Accident Repair Centres' courtesy car whilst it is in your possession. Any parking or speeding fines will be your responsibility and payable by you. All our courtesy cars are less than two years old, however should you find yourself in the unlikely situation of a breakdown we will do all we can to help, but we do not operate a breakdown facility. In most cases your own car breakdown cover will apply to the North East Accident Repair Centres' courtesy car.

On handover of the North East Accident Repair Centres' courtesy car a member of staff will inspect the vehicle with you and answer any questions you may have. On the return of the courtesy car the vehicle will be inspected again. If any damage is identified which occurred during your use of the vehicle payment for its repair is required before your own vehicle is returned. If you are aware of any damage prior to return please can you let us know and we can discuss whether you wish to make a further claim on your insurance policy. Damage excess waivers, at additional cost, are available to you before taking responsibility for the courtesy car; please ask for details at reception.

We will try and ensure there is a minimum level of fuel in the courtesy car and for the benefit of the next user, we request customers return the vehicle with the same level of fuel in it with which it was supplied. North East Accident Repair Centres do not have the facility to fuel its courtesy cars. If a courtesy car is provided as part of your own insurance claim, it is normal for your insurance cover to switch automatically to our courtesy car. If there is any doubt, please ask our reception staff to confirm.

Further Questions
Should you have further questions about your vehicle's repair, or require any information about our other services, please contact the North East Accident Repair Centres where your vehicle is being repaired.

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